The all new way for start-ups and small businesses to get their brand strategy sorted, for a fraction of the cost of agencies or consultants. 

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“Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you also have to be a good storyteller.” 

- Sir Richard Branson


Whether you’re trying to attract staff, pitching to investors or marketing to customers, being able to articulate your business in a way that’s clear, concise and compelling is critical to growth.

Who are you? What do you do? How is it different? Why do you do it? Why should people care?

If you’re feeling a little blurry about the answers to these questions, then Storytech is for you.

How good is your current brand story?

Use our Storycheck tool to assess and score the strength of the story you’re telling today.

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 One day. $500. Brand story sorted.

Spend a day with your team, at your place, as the Storytech platform guides you through…


Engaging instructional videos


Productive workshop exercises


Content refinement & capture

…to finish the day with your new brand story and a plan to communicate it to your customers.

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Making a start is free and easy

Getting your story sorted is easy to put off - so we’re making it super easy not to.

  • Create an account for FREE

  • You’ll get our ‘Prep Pack’ - everything you need to plan your Storytech Day

  • You can then figure out who’s on your team and book in a day

  • And pay when you’re ready to go

  • There’s no obligation to continue if you decide it’s not for you


 Watch the introductory video:

Learn all about the process:



Built for Small Business

Startups, SMEs and young companies


Easy for Anyone

No marketing skills or experience required


Expert Delivery

Developed and presented by one of the world’s leading brand strategists


Your day, your place

Do Storytech on a day and place of your choice

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Structure Storytech in a way that works for you

Developing a great story does take a little time - 8 hours to be precise - but Storytech is true quality time, spent with your team, using a rigorous process to creating something of real value together.

Learn more about how your 8 hours will be spent.

Too hard to get a full day of everyone’s time? No problem - Storytech can be paused and continued at any point - so you can schedule your workshop across as many shorter sessions as you like.


 What are users saying?


“Everyone on our team said they feel way more comfortable going out and doing the elevator pitch, talking to their friends at a barbeque about what we actually do and and why we do it.”

Tracy Moyes, Co-Founder, O/TG Group



“We were really impressed. The tech was easy and reliable to use, instructions and materials were clear, and delivery struck the right balance of being professional, yet relaxed. We'd certainly recommend this day to other early stage companies.”

John Campbell, Co-Founder, Our Energy


“Storytech enabled us to sit down for a day, with no distractions, and no excuses, and work through the process… I think it’s awesome.”

Katharine Broughton - Managing Director, Tomorrow Inc



“Even beyond the process of getting a really clear brand strategy out of Storytech, you get so much more unforeseen value. Whether that’s getting the team in one room for the whole day, communication, clarity… a good fun enjoyable process.”

Jacob Kohn, CEO, Futurity Group


Read some of our press:


“Traditional agencies and brand strategists may be a luxury only big companies can afford, but that might be set to change if James Hurman has anything to do with it.”


“The New Zealanders who've made a do-it-yourself, brand-strategy-in-a-box for start-ups and small businesses.”


Watch our users talk about their Storytech experiences:

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From the Storytech Blog…

We’re continually adding useful content including tips, case studies, tools, inspiration and other resources to our blog for start-ups and small businesses. Here’s the latest:

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About James Hurman

- The creator and presenter of Storytech

- Internationally recognised 20-year veteran brand storytelling expert

- Named the world’s #1 brand strategist in 2013 

James is a New Zealander with a long history of helping brands, big and small, develop better stories and strategies.

The former head of strategic planning at globally top-ranked advertising agency Colenso BBDO, James has worked all over the world with blue-chip companies including Coca Cola, Unilever, Vodafone, Heineken, Fonterra, Levi’s, and Burger King.

His work has won more than 50 local and international marketing effectiveness awards, and he was named the world’s number 1 brand strategy planner in the 2013 Big Won Report (a global marketing industry publication).

He’s also the founder of venture studio Previously Unavailable and subscription service Toothcrush, and led the brand strategy for Stolen Rum, a spirits startup exited in 2015 for $21M

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Storytech Partnerships & Discounts

We offer an Affiliate Program and Multi-Purchase Discounts for anyone wanting to promote or distribute Storytech to their audience or community


Affiliate Program

Affiliates earn a 20-40% commission when their audience or community purchases Storytech


Multi-Purchase Discounts

When you pre-purchase 5 or more uses of Storytech, you’ll claim a 10-40% discount

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