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5 ways a great brand story will accelerate the success of your business

2 July 2019 | Storytech Team


Who are you? What do you do? How is it different? Why do you do it? How did you start? What positive change are you creating?

Your brand story is that clear elevator pitch that sums up your business in a way that anyone can easily understand and find compelling - whether they’re a customer, employee or business partner. 

But beyond just creating clarity, a strong story can make every aspect of a business smoother and more effective. In this series we explore the 5 key ways a great brand story improves the fortune of any business.

1.     A great story makes your sales activity work harder

Businesses with a strong brand story are much clearer about who they are, and the value they deliver. They pitch their offering with more confidence and customer-focus, which leads to more successful sales.

We interviewed leading sales consultant Mary Crampton about how story powers sales. Read the full article here.


2.     With a great story you can charge a higher price

Consumers perceive the value of products to be higher when they understand the story of the brand behind them, allowing companies to charge more for the same product with a better story.

We’ve brought together the research into story and price - read the full article here.


3.     A great story helps you attract and retain the best staff

Businesses with a strong brand story find it easier to attract staff, make their salary budgets go further, and engage and hold on to their best people.

We interviewed Vanesha Din, Director of HR and recruitment advisory firm Sprout, about how story engages staff. Read the full article here.


4.     A great story helps you successfully attract investment

Investors respond to companies with a clear story, allowing those companies to raise more money, faster with a higher valuation.

We interviewed Barnaby Marshall, Partner at Icehouse Ventures, about how story wins investors. Read the full article here.


5.     A great story gets you better PR

A strong story elevates you above the crowd of businesses looking for exposure from journalists, making you more likely to get the PR your business deserves. 

We interviewed Rebecca Stevenson, Stuff’s National Business Editor, about how better stories get better PR. Read the full article here.

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