Customer Journey Canvas: Discover

It should be about 2:55pm, and we're going to get into the Discover box on the Customer Journey Canvas.

Click the video below to get started on the introduction... then when the video's done, scroll down for instructions.


To do:

  • Follow the questions on page 32 of your pack to help you land insight into when and where customers experience the problem that our product solves, and ideas for how to show up in those times and places.

  • Use the examples as a guide to the kind of content you're looking for

  • Spend 20 minutes on this section

  • We recommend spending 10 minutes exploring what the customer goes through during this stage of the journey, prompted by the questions in the pack, and capturing this discussion on the 'GO WIDE' worksheet - then spending the remaining 10 minutes capturing ideas on how best to show up in this stage on the 'LAND IT' worksheet.

  • Scribe - remember to write the discussion up on the worksheets and pin them to the wall

  • To learn more about the example companies: