To attract talent, you need a great story.
To attract investors, you need a great story.
To attract customers you need a great story. But…

Explaining what you do is surprisingly hard

Get your business messaging and brand story straight in 8 hours,
even if you’re not a marketing expert.


 Turn your business into a brand with Storytech

  • Build your brand from the ground up using a proven, 3-step process

  • Access expert coaching at every step via pre-recorded video online

  • Uncover key brand elements like your elevator pitch, unique value proposition and competitive positioning during 15 super-focused, bite-sized workshops

  • Get your business partners, advisers or employees on the same page in a single 8-hour session


Watch our video introducing Storytech

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 Storytech’s guided process makes it easy to block 8 hours, keep everyone on track and motivated, and ensure the day is spent profitably.



  • Define the fundamentals of the product or service you offer

  • Get clarity on your customer and what problem you solve for them

  • Find an unfair advantage that’s difficult for competitors to copy


“Having an adviser along the way was invaluable. We wouldn’t have got the same result if we’d just been given tools or read a book.”


Watch a sample lesson


Via pre-recorded video, Storytech's creator James Hurman takes you through the exact steps he's used guiding some of the world's biggest brands - like Coca Cola, Unilever, Vodafone, Heineken, Fonterra, Levi’s, and Burger King.

Over the last 20 years, James has led strategic planning at top-ranked advertising agency Colenso BBDO. Won over 50 marketing effectiveness awards. Been named the world’s number 1 brand strategy planner in the 2013 Big Won Report. And headed brand strategy for Stolen Rum, a spirits start up, exited in 2015 for $21M.

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  • Work through your history, the why behind what you do and what you want to achieve.

  • Define your purpose, ambitions and commercial goals like customer numbers and sales revenue

  • Establish a brand personality that sets your business apart from competitors



  • Find the most strategic way to tell your brand story - online, in the real world, and through marketing and PR

  • Learn about earned media, owned media and paid media

  • Decide on the places and media that are right for you and your audience


“To be able to sit down for a day and clearly define what our story was great. No distractions. No excuses."



  • Choose a day and place

  • Select and invite your team

  • Read your intro pack



  • Watch each video

  • Complete each workshop

  • Capture findings online in Storytech

See Storytech day agenda



  • Refine your work

  • Promote your brand across chosen media

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Your newly-developed messaging and brand story can be used to guide key decisions around...

#1 validating new ideas for market fit
#2 ensuring products and services meet customer need
#3 getting the right employees on board
#4 attracting investors and vital capital
#5 positioning your offer successfully against competitors

Watch customer testimonials

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“We’re a lot more prepared heading into any brand development or website redevelopment.”


Do I need brand or marketing experience to use Storytech?

Storytech has been developed specifically for people with no marketing experience. There’s no jargon or marketing-speak, and the process is easy and intuitive.

Is Storytech going to be relevant to me?

Storytech's relevant to a broad range of companies. This wasn’t difficult – the fundamentals of brand strategy are consistent across products, services, experiences and charities.


I hate marketing jargon and nonsense. Is this just more fluffy brand bullsh*t?

We hate that too! Storytech strips out all corporate speak, consultant confusion and general waffle. We use plain language, and encourage you to do so too.

What happens when I sign up?

You’ll get access to your Storytech dashboard and all the information you’ll need to prepare for the day. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to set a time, invite your team and give them the background information they’ll need before they day.


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 Stop struggling with your brand story and messaging.

Start Storytech.

  • Access a world-class branding expert

  • Get everyone on your team on the same page

  • Identify your business purpose

  • Finalise your elevator pitch

  • Develop your brand story and strategy

  • Increase your customer focus

  • Turn your business into a profitable brand


Storytech 7-Day Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, simply let us know within 7 days of completing your Storytech day and we'll refund your money 100%.

An in-person brand workshop with James would cost


But you can get Storytech today for just one payment of


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