Storytech Multi-Purchase Discounts

If you’d like to purchase multiple uses of Storytech for your organisation, or on behalf of others, we offer some great discounts.


5-10 Uses

10% Discount

$450 per use

11-20 Uses

20% Discount

$400 per use

21-50 Uses

30% Discount

$350 per use

50+ Uses

40% Discount

$300 per use


How does it work?

Purchase any number of Storytech uses and pay the discounted total cost upfront.

You’ll receive a group of unique single-use codes to use each time you create a new workshop. These codes will allow free-of-charge signups to Storytech, and can be used, once each, by anyone with the code.

These codes are yours to distribute as you please.

Interested in a Storytech Multi-Purchase Discount?

Enquire below, and we’ll be in touch to help you out.

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