How Storytech helped a software company articulate their complex offering


As a company that provides a hugely diverse range of software solutions to its clients, Lentune’s core team found it increasingly difficult to tell the story of the company’s evolution in a concise and direct format.

Lentune’s Growth and Partnership Leader Jo Murray started with the company in April, and found it challenging to compress the entirety of the range of software options into a palatable explanation of what the company actually does, and why - a massive blocker for a company providing such a valuable range of B2B software solutions.

Lentune is a Software Development company, focusing on office automation products. In plain speak, they have a bunch of awesome tools that take the time-consuming manual admin components of running a business and automate them through online platforms. Founded around 20 years ago, Lentune has evolved quite significantly, not surprising given the advances in technology over that time.

Without a clear understanding around why they do what they do, Jo found herself talking a lot to potential clients about all the different products available rather than focussing on what they were aiming to achieve through those products for businesses.

When Jo and Jono (Lentune’s CEO) engaged with Storytech, they started with the aim to establish a clear direction for Lentune through the process.

Being so fresh to her role, Jo found it invaluable to have a day together with Jono to sit down and have some clear conversation and bond as a team.

“Just being able to pinpoint the passion that we feel, and figure out together what the heart and soul of Lentune was and then how to put that into words, was huge for us. We just had so many great eureka lightbulb moments”

One of the big decisions they made was to really focus the direction of Lentune around one of their main offerings - their accounts payable software.

“Lentune’s invoice automation software enables a paperless work environment with shorter invoice processing times, greater visibility and control of your business. Our solution will allow organisations to reduce costs and create more time as processes will be streamlined and standardised across your business.  

In a nutshell, our invoice automation software electronically reads your invoices directly from your inbox, extracting all the key information before pushing them through its simple structured web-based platform, for fast and simple approval. The software will automatically delegate invoices to whoever is the appropriate approver. This user just needs to confirm the correct cost code and amount and click “Approve”. “

They both felt passionate about the value in that product to businesses. Automating such a time-consuming aspect of day to day business operations allows businesses to grow faster, creating more time for key staff to spend on value-adding tasks that actually increase productivity for the company. The benefits are clear.

For Jo, going through the Storytech process gave her a solid, distinct elevator pitch, which she has continued to refine since the strategy day. Talking through the specific problem/solution aspects of Lentune also gave her a healthy and useful bank of content to write for their customers.

Lentune doesn’t only do accounts automation, but identifying this feature as their star offering and as a flow on effect, focussing their direction and attention around creating products that reduce low impact time-consuming tasks within a clients company has enabled Jo and the team to really pinpoint and finesse what they are about. This has greatly benefited both their ability to tell their story to clients now and their clarity in the future direction of Lentune.

In a nutshell - Lentune exists to allow people the ability to improve the efficiency of their work in a way that creates significant growth, and now the company’s team can tell that story in a way that makes perfect sense to themselves and to their clients.

James HurmanComment