How Storytech helped a period subscription kit service find their why


Talk to any woman about her first period experience and the odds are it wasn’t a very positive one. A lack of empowering information, clear communication and open dialogue around this huge time in young women’s lives has meant many of them just had this weird and kind of scary ‘thing’ happen to them. Perhaps someone told them where the pads were kept. Perhaps someone told them it will happen every month now. Perhaps no-one told them anything at all.

You would be amazed by how many young women fear there might be something desperately wrong with them the first time they get their period.

For Kelly Gregor, the first time was a little traumatising, to say the least. On holiday with her family on a boat, and sharing a bed with her two siblings at the time, the biggest shock for Kelly was that this weird bodily function didn’t take a pause overnight while she slept like everything else, it just kept going.

Now a grown, self-aware woman in her 30’s, Kelly started her company Luna Periods to address this lack of healthy, informative dialogue, and to help young women step into this time of their lives feeling engaged, confident and empowered.

Coming from a journalistic background, Kelly has always been interested in finding the facts and storytelling, engaging people in the truth. Wanting to start her own company, she spoke to many different people about what that might look like. She knew she needed to find something that really spoke to her and ignited her passion, because starting a business is no walk in the park and when the chips were down, it would be that passion and drive to create change that was going to get her through.

She launched Luna Periods in Feburary 2018, a company that sells prepackaged period subscription kits to give young women control over their monthly menstrual cycle, and offering advice and education via their blog to give them the information they need to feel confident.

Primarily, Luna Periods is a first experience brand, and this is where Kelly’s passion lies. Currently, we still live in a world where tampons are passed from friend to friend with the secrecy of a drug deal, there is an air of shame and weirdness about the whole period conversation, and young women are not getting the information they need, often a result of their mothers not having a positive experience either. Considering that half the world undergo a monthly mentrual cycle for a large portion of their lives, this is pretty messed up.

Luna Periods is about normalising these conversations. They make it fun and lighthearted, including stickers and chocolates in their period packs along with tampons, pads and clear, factual information, and the voice of the company comes through in Luna herself, a character created by Kelly who dishes advice and answers questions direct through the chat feature of the website.

Choosing a Luna Subscription

Choosing a Luna Subscription

How Storytech helped Luna Periods

Because she came from a storytelling and communications background herself, Kelly was pretty familiar with a lot of the content within the Storytech strategy day process before she embarked on it. Even so, she found the experience helped her think more clearly about the whole business…

“Storytech really helped me in the parts of the business that I don’t love working in. I always had a pretty clear vision of the brand and purpose, but the Storytech day helped me think about how to run the business and the operational side of it through the lean canvas methodology. Getting really specific brought up a bit of stuff I hadn’t planned out or thought of, and needed to”

The affordability of the strategy day was a big plus for Luna Periods, and Kelly found that being able to do it in her own time, pause and replay modules that she wanted to go deeper on, and really focus all her energy on the content all helped create a really valuable experience.

The brand and marketing experience of James Hurman, who leads the content throughout the Storytech process, was also a big drawcard.

“You can trust the advice you receive from James, he has chops in this industry, and is amazing at what he does. He provided really solid, validated advice”

Kelly believes the ‘why’ that lies at the heart of a company is fundamental to that company’s success, especially in this industry. Currently there are about 4 major players in the market providing the necessary tools (pads, tampons etc) to women for monthly mentrual cycles, and none of them differentiate in their products or branding between an 11 year old getting her period for the very first time, and a 35 year old with 3 children. Ultimately, the customer suffers, and Luna Periods wants to change that.

Recently, Luna Periods has partnered with OI | Organic Initiative, who make certified pure organic pads, tampons and panty liners, all 100% biodegradable. Within a few months, Luna Periods will stock OI exclusively, a move to protect the health of our young women, and a shift away from environmentally damaging female sanitary products.

Luna Founder Kelly Gregor

Luna Founder Kelly Gregor

Culturally speaking, Kelly is pretty clear on what she wants the future to look like.

“I want to walk into both male and female changing rooms in schools and see posters on the wall about all kinds of body things, consent, periods, puberty changes etc and have that be completely normal. I want to see tampons available in restaurant toilets in the same way toilet paper is. I want to be in a world where men are just as comfortable buying their partner tampons as they are buying condoms. Where you can actually say ‘I cant come to work today because I have horrendous period cramps and need to stay curled up in bed’ rather than say you have a cold or something to avoid the awkardness of your boss or collegues.”  

Slowly but surely we are moving in this direction, and companies like Luna Periods are lighting up the way for our young women (and young men!) to become more secure, empowered, and informed about periods. This is a great thing. Period.

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