A way to understand the content and influencers that could work best for your story


What is it?

Buzzsumo - an tool to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor and find the key influencers to promote your content.


Why is it useful?

Buzzsumo is an online platform that gives you fingertip access to clear, usable data on high performing content of any topic, identifies key influencers across social media platforms, and analyses competitor content impact in seconds. Put simply, you enter a topic or a url into the search bar, and the platform gives you a range of insight into what content is performing best around that topic, which social influencers people are following around that topic, and what your competitors are posting about that topic (including what is working well for them and what angles are a flop)

Who is it great for?

Startups and individuals who rely on social media and content marketing to build an audience and successfully engage an online community

How much is it?

With pricing starting at $79 p/m (if you’re paying yearly), BuzzSumo isn’t the cheapest tool out there - but if you rely on effective content marketing for your company’s success, it may be worth the investment for you.

Where can I get it?


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