Welcome to Storytech!

We're at the very beginning of the day - it should be about 8:30am, and you and your team should be sitting down and be able to see and hear the screen comfortably.

Click the video below, and we'll get started... then when the video's done, scroll down to show the instructions...


To do:

  • Make sure everyone has their copy of the Storytech Day Pack (if you haven't already, get the pack here)

  • Appoint a scribe to write up the content on the worksheets today (if you haven't downloaded and printed your worksheets, get them here)

  • Decide who is going to process and refine the content in the coming days

  • Note the 'GIVE US FEEDBACK' button at the bottom of the page. There is one on every section. If you have feedback, thoughts, improvements, etc then we want to hear them and this is the place to share them.

  • Spend 5-10 minutes now, each discussing (a) personally what you hope to get out of today and (b) how you hope that'll make a positive difference to your business
    (you don't need to write this up on a worksheet - it's just a discussion to set the scene for the day)