Thanks for using the prototype version of Storytech!

We'd very much appreciate it if you'd complete this survey, which will help us refine and improve Storytech toward a full launch.

Please note - only the introductory and multichoice questions are mandatory. If you are short on time, you can just go through and quickly answer those. If you have a little more time, we'd love you to give us some more detailed thoughts in the text boxes :-)

Name *
What stage is this startup/company/brand/product at? *
How many were in the room on the day, yourself included?
Who was on your team? *
How long did it take? *
How many hours in did you spend 'in the room' - i.e. not including any prep or follow up work?
How did you cut up the process?
Did Storytech work? *
Having completed Storytech, do you feel that you have a stronger, clearer, more concise brand story?
Topline, what did you find most valuable about the Storytech process in terms of its ability to create meaningful, useful outcomes?
Topline, what did you find the least valuable?
Topline, what did you enjoy the most about Storytech? What aspects should we definitely keep?
Topline , what did you find the hardest or least enjoyable? What’s not working, what should we fix or change or discard?
Introduction and pre-reading *
Introduction and pre-reading
About the 'Introduction and Pre-reading' PDF document you were given before starting Storytech...
We felt well-informed in advance of the day
The pre-reading accurately represented what the process would be like
Was there anything missing – is there anything else that would have been helpful to know / that you think we should be telling people or giving people before they begin?
Day Pack *
Day Pack
About the PDF that you downloaded to go through the day with questions and guide examples
The Day Pack was successful in helping facilitate the day's activities
Was there anything you feel could have been added to the Day Pack to make it more useful? Or is there anything you’d take out of the pack?
Worksheets *
About the A3 worksheets that you used to 'write up' the answers as you went along
These were effective in helping us formulate our answers
Is there anything you'd suggest adding, remove or change about the worksheets
Process Directions *
Process Directions
The instructions you were given for the structure and flow of the day and the performance of the online system to guide you through the day.
These were generally clear and we felt well informed at each stage
Can you recall any points that you felt stuck, or unsure of what to do next?
Content Instructions *
Content Instructions
The instructions you were given in the videos and Day Pack about landing the content in each of the canvas boxes
These were generally clear and we felt well informed at each stage
James' instructions about 'what you were trying to land in each box', and 'why it was important to land it' were clear and helpful
The examples of other brands were stimulating and useful
The questions given to facilitate the completion of each box were stimulating and useful
Can you recall any boxes where the instructions were less clear and could be improved, or are there any other suggestions you'd make for how to improve the content instructions?
There were three canvases - Lean Canvas, Brand Story Canvas and Customer Journey Canvas. Of the three, which do you think was the most valuable to you and your business?
Which do you think was the second most valuable to you and your business?
The introduction to each Canvas clearly communicated the role, relevance and value of each canvas
Do you have any further feedback concerning the three canvases and their value?
Putting your story together *
Once you had completed the Lean Canvas and were most of the way through the Brand Story Canvas, you then assembled your full brand story using the template provided. How did this go for you?
How do you feel about that full story now?
We feel energised and excited by our story
Can you give us a quick idea of whether, and how, you plan to use the outcomes of the process? Eg you intend to change copy on your website to reflect the story, or to adapt your customer experience to better reflect your story, or you plan to execute on ideas that came out of the Customer Journey Canvas.
Follow up work *
Have you refined and captured the outcomes of your Storytech sessions onto the Canvas templates provided?
Do you have any feedback or suggestions on the templates?
Value of Storytech *
Once we have feedback from our prototype trials, we plan on creating a refined and polished version based on all of the feedback, and charging NZ$500 for this 'full version' of Storytech. Do you think this is a fair and reasonable price to charge for Storytech?
If you think Storytech is worth more or less than $500, what would you suggest we charge?
Once Storytech is refined, released, and priced at $500, how likely would you be to recommend it to others?
Anything else you'd suggest we think about as we develop Storytech further?