Storytech Testimonials

Hear from business leaders who’ve used Storytech to develop their brand story and strategy


Tracy Moyes - Co-founder, O/TG Group

“We did a whip around about what we got out of the day and everyone said they feel way more comfortable going out and doing the elevator pitch, talking to their friends at a barbeque about what we actually do and and why we do it.”


Laura Harris - Creative Director, Encrypt S

“As a small business owner I know how easy it can be to get caught up in the day to day and fluff around with this branding stuff for way to long. But using Storytech, where you’re forced to sit down and get it done, is really good.”


Jonah Merchant - Co-founder, O/TG Group

“I was a little hesitant coming into the workshop, I wasn’t quite sure how watching a series of videos would necessarily work as well as we’d hoped - but I was really pleasantly surprised. A really great interactive workshop experience.”


Katharine Broughton - Managing Director, Tomorrow Inc

“Storytech enabled us to sit down for a day, with no distractions, and no excuses, and work through the process… I think it’s awesome.”


Kelly Gregor - Founder, Luna Periods

“$500 is incredibly cheap for what you get, when you think about how much a brand strategist charges an hour. And this is something you can go back to and have almost like a playbook of ideas.”


Eva Perrone - Associate, O/TG Group

“It was challenging to work through all the different elements, then seeing the story come together felt like magic.”


Jacob Kohn - CEO, Futurity Group

“Even beyond the process of getting a really clear brand strategy out of Storytech, you get so much more unforeseen value. Whether that’s getting the team in one room for the whole day, communication, clarity… a good fun enjoyable process.”

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